Bramall Hall: “one of the treasures of England”

Having finally confessed to both of my supervisors, I feel able to blog about my new summer job – Researcher in Residence at Bramall Hall in Stockport.  My role (along with my friend and excellent researcher @BPWilcock) is to delve into the archives to find documentation and material objects that will help to tell the story of this fabulous building as they complete a huge refurbishment and restoration funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  I am only just starting out on this project having been at the excellent-as-ever Social History Society Conference in Portsmouth but I have already taken a fancy to seventeenth-century mistress of the house Dorothy Davenport.  You will no doubt get slight sick of reading my blog posts on this subject, but here are a few photographs taken last week, to whet your appetite.

Front Facade of the House DSC03795

Pretty impressive eh?!

DSC03796 DSC03798 View of the Chapel Bear with Ragged Staff

These four photos are details of the main hall.  The bottom left is a view into the Chapel – I’m saving this for a later blog post because it is quite incredible.

The Upper Banqueting Hall DSC03830

The Upper Banqueting Hall is another room that I’m saving for a blog post all of it’s own.  It has the most fabulous wall paintings: of musicians, and monsters, and angels.  Words started to fail me at this point of our private tour of the house last week.  Below are some pictures of Mary Neville’s bedroom.  She took over the house in the late nineteenth century with her husband Charles and essentially saved the place from collapsing in on itself.  Luckily, they were very aware of the importance of preservation and kept detailed records of their alterations and additions to the hall.

DSC03848Mary Neville's Bedroom

I suppose I’d best get started! Watch this space!


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